What Our Clients Say

"It is my pleasure to endorse the services of Ron and Net Lease Partners.

We have been fortunate to have known Ron for many years and in many capacities.  In the 1980’s Ron was an important member of the VMS Realty Partners team. Subsequently, we worked with Ron at Net Lease Partners on several projects, including an acquisition and re-positioning of a retail shopping center that he handled from the buy to the sale.

Ron’s skills and experience are very high.  One may have complete confidence in his abilities."


Joel A. Stone, Stone Financial Group

"I started my career in the net lease industry in the early 90's working with Ron at Brauvin Real Estate Funds as an analyst. Ron was one of my best mentors I have had over my career as he taught me the net lease business and the subtle nuisances that guide a deal to a successful conclusion. He also taught me that keeping your word is more important than winning the deal. I so trust Ron that we still work on deals together. Net Lease Partners, Inc. is a consultant at Envoy and Ron sits on its advisory board. He is a great sounding board and a good friend."


Ralph Cram, CFA CRE, | President, Envoy Net Lease Partners, LLC | Construction Lending & Chicago REO Professional Group Manager

" I’ve worked with Ron Max for over 20 years and I can tell you that there is no one that I have more trust and faith in than Ron Max . If your thinking of working with Ron stop thinking and do it - Not only will you get a job well done but you will pick up a friend in the process.."

Steven Waldman, President, Crowd Fund Realty Advisors, LLC 

"We are a private equity company and generally own and manage apartments. I began working with Ron in 2005 on a very successful retail property that he was the asset manager on in Hawaii. When we undertook a retail project in Chicago, IL, we brought Net Lease Partners in to handle the asset management. The investment has been challenged by the effects of the pandemic which has made rental collection and tenant retention very difficult. The effects put a major stress on ownership, particularly with our lender. Ron was our leader in working with our lender on a loan modification and brought the retail space to 100% occupancy, which saved the investment for ourselves and our partners. I would not hesitate to endorse them for almost any project."


James Gatlin, Managing Director – Blacklion Holdings
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