A sample of how Net Lease Partners has added value for our clients' real estate

Acquisition, Renovation & Asset Management


Net Lease Partners acquired a single tenant building that was vacated by its original tenant. After analyzing the market, it was determined that value could be maximized by dividing the property into a multi-tenant shopping center. The property was renovated in a manner that allowed the flexibility for space to be divided up to meet demand as lease up occurred. 

This entailed significant structural modifications, bringing utilities into each space and adding loading docks to accommodate additional tenants. The project was completed over a 3-year time period, resulting in an 180% profit when the property was sold.

Acquisition & Asset Management


NLP was engaged to conduct due diligence and assist in the acquisition and financing of a resort shopping center to be part owned by its principal. During the due diligence review, numerous opportunities were uncovered to increase revenue and the resulting value of the center.

NLP was hired as the Asset Manager to oversee the process of re-tenanting and enhancing the center’s value. ​After a 2-year period, the property’s appraised value was increased by 55%, allowing ownership to refinance and realize a significant profit while continuing to maintain ownership. Occupancy remained in the high 90's, despite a deep recession and another new resort-oriented shopping center opening nearby.

Brokerage & Asset Management


NLP represented the buyer of a ​343 unit multifamily property and was involved in it's underwriting, financing and tenant-in common syndication. NLP was appointed ​​Asset Manager of the property and arranged the sale two years later for a ​53% un-leveraged profit.

Net Lease Asset Management

NLP was hired as an asset manager by a family trust that owned a portfolio after one of the property’s tenant filed for reorganization in bankruptcy. NLP provided market and financial analysis to assess the tenant's lease modification proposal, guided the client through the bankruptcy process and negotiated a lease modification.

The tenant's reorganization ultimately didn't work, the tenant ceased all operations and vacated the store. NLP was in place to take the steps necessary to immediately secure the property and hire a high quality local leasing agent to release the space. This resulted in a quick re-leasing of the property to a credit tenant, greatly increasing the value of the property. This allowed the trust to refinance at a lower interest rate and increase cash flow.

Buy & Sell Side Brokerage and Asset Management


​​NLP represented the buyer of a ​288 unit multifamily apartment complex, which was syndicated to a group of tenant-in-common investors in a 1031 exchange. NLP was involved in the underwriting, financing and syndication of the property and served as the Asset Manager. NLP brokered the sale of the property for a ​25% un-leveraged profit.


Adding Value Using a 1031 Exchange


Net Lease Partners recently worked with a client who decided to sell a multi-tenant property that was not a good fit for the client’s portfolio and trade into a more suitable property. Net Lease Partners helped arrange the sale of the multi-tenant property and trade the client into a desirable single tenant, net lease property using a 1031 Exchange, which allowed all the sale proceeds to be invested into the replacement property free of capital gains taxes.
As the client’s exclusive buyer’s agent, Net Lease Partners used its deep market access to help the client screen over 130 potential properties, quickly selecting a choice that met with the client’s investment objectives and more than doubled their annual cash flow return. The property was placed under contract and was ready to close with due diligence completed before the end of the 1031 Identification Period, eliminating the need to identify multiple properties.